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Achieve a more professional online presence. A website is one of the most important assets for businesses, providing security and trust to its visitors, and offering valuable statistics for their digital strategy.

We Nurture Ideas that Grow Your Business

Having your own website is a great idea

Beyond a professional online presence, an informative website serves as the gateway to a more robust strategy. As an informative website grows, it becomes a magnet for new prospects and future customers.

WordPress Design

We conceptualize the structure and design for WordPress, a tool that can be self-managed with basic knowledge of the platform.

Style Selection

We present you with various template and style options for your website, whether it's a single-page "one page" layout or distributed across up to 4 pages.

Web Copywriting

We take your ideas and drafts to create informative website content of up to 600 words that spans across your site.

Email Configuration

We set up up to 5 email accounts. This service is subject to the capabilities of the chosen hosting provider.

Technical Support

30 days of technical support for WordPress related to aspects of visualization, plugin updates, and improvements in security and performance for your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website will have a well-thought-out base structure to improve its ranking on search engines. This technique is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Dynamic Website

Add various features to your site, such as carousels, forms, buttons, interactive maps, WhatsApp button, and much more.

Analytics Configuration

We configure Google Analytics and Search Console to gather more information about the data generated on your site and how Google indexes it in its search engine.

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Select a service plan


Informative website design up to 600 words or 4 sections or pages, configuration of up to 5 email accounts, SEO base structure, technical support for 30 days, one round of revisions.

Total price: 697.00 USD / pay in 3-month interest free installments   

Add-ons can be purchased at an additional cost.

VAT included. You must cover payment 1 of 3 to start with the design phase of your site and conclude your payments for the online launch.





Includes the same as the plan in standard configuration plus:

  • Two extra web pages of up to 100 words (each)
  • One pillar content of up to 2,500 words
  • 4 blog posts of up to 600 words (ea.)
  • Up to two rounds of changes

Total price: 1066.00 USD / pay in 3-month interest free installments

Add-ons can be purchased at an additional cost.

VAT included. You must cover payment 1 of 3 to start with the design phase of your site and conclude your payments for going online.



Add-ons for your Website Flex package

Your plan includes the design of an informative website with up to 600 words or 4 sections/pages, configuration of up to 5 email accounts, basic SEO structure, and 30-day technical support. If you wish to add any additional services, you can review these add-ons:

  • Update and maintenance

  • Additional pages

  • Content creation

  • More add-ons

You don't know you need it until you need it

Your plan includes 30-day technical support, but you can extend this support to ensure the security, performance, and updates of your website.


Includes technical support and minor edits that do not require programming. Monthly report of visits and audience derived from your website.

ADD +48.00 USD per month

Add pages and landing pages

Your plan includes the distribution of 600 words in up to 4 sections or pages, you can add additional ones with this service.


ADD +12.00   USD  per landing page of up to 60 words.


ADD +23.00 USD per page of up to 100 words.

ADD  +42.00 USD per page of up to 200 words 


Attract potential customers

A content strategy helps you to attract more potential customers, on your website you can add these services:


Writing a one-page blog post up to 600 words in length.

ADD +178.00 USD per piece


Writing a 10-page blog post of up to 600 words in length each.

ADD +415.00 USD per package

More to consider 

You may require these services. Remember that the Website Flex package requires an active domain and hosting service.

+Web Hosting

Get space on a server to upload your website files as well as your emails, all our hosting plans include first year free domain with privacy protection included as well as a simple SSL certificate. Includes personalized technical support and renewal reminders.

Starting at +151.00 USD per year.

Ask your consultant for details for a quotation of your service.

+Web Migration

We move your files and databases from another hosting.

From +165.00 USD one time payment

Ask your consultant for details for quotation of your service.

+Web domain

Address for your website, includes a simple SSL certificate and privacy protection. Personalized technical support and renewal reminder

Starting at +48.00 USD per year.

Ask your consultant for details for a quote of your service.


It's always good to know more

What do I need for the design of my website?

We will guide you through the design and creation process of your website, for which we require you to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with it.

You will need an active domain and hosting service, as well as images, videos, and texts (at least in draft form) to incorporate into your site.

WordPress websites work using templates, some of which are paid and not included in the service package.

What is a template and how much does it cost?

A template is the base format where we will place all the elements of your brand for your site, such as images, font types, animations, and colors that make up the templates (or themes).

WordPress templates can be free or paid. If you want more features and limited-time security updates, you should consider purchasing a template.

The prices of templates range from $52 to $74 USD as a one-time payment.

How long does the process take?

The design process can take up to 30 days depending on the clarity of the idea you have for your website and whether you have the necessary content such as texts, images, videos, and downloadable files.

Can it be multilingual?

We can create a website with multiple languages. Please consult your advisor about the price for implementing this special feature.

Can I include payments on my site?

We can set up a simple payment gateway for a specific transaction at no additional cost. However, if you require an online store with a product catalog, you should consider adding the e-commerce add-on to your plan.

How to appear in the top search results?

Appearing at the top of search engine listings requires effort, consistency, and dedication. We build a solid foundation based on the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices for your site. However, a future content strategy with a focus on SEO will make a difference in the volume of visitors to your site.

Are there any prohibited topics for designing my site?

We avoid designing pages that sell or promote illegal products or services such as drugs, sexual services, controlled medications, anabolic substances, and steroids.

Website Flex

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