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Social Media Plus+

A scalable plan, with add-ons for all kinds of needs. It includes 30 pieces of content per month to distribute on a social network and you can add complements.

Learn how creativity, good planning and data can work magic for your business.


The social media plan your business needs

Social Media Plus+ offers the essential services for a professional management of your social networks, you will be able to scale as much as your business requires.


We assign you a virtual specialist, who will be able to assist you through a WhatsApp Group. Hours of operation M-F 10:00 - 18:00h.

Digital Strategy

We design a communication and diffusion plan for your brand, for which a couple of virtual sessions are held with you.

First Social Network Included

The management of your first social network is included, you can enable additional ones in your plan* choose between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Tiktok and many others.

Content included

30 pre-programmed contents per month (see equivalence chart) to distribute on your active social networks in your plan, you can add extra ones*.

Meta Suite Connection

We provide you with a consulting session for the proper functioning of your asset management platform such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Pixel

If you have a website, we help you create or configure the pixel that allows you to have better targeted ad campaigns.

Ad Management

We generate campaigns, audiences and ads according to your objectives. We can suggest an advertising budget, which is not included in the price of the plan.

Results Reporting

Your plan includes a monthly virtual meeting with your specialist to discuss and review results.

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Select a service plan


30 pieces of content per month to distribute on a social network, without response to messages in real time.

Monthly price: 348.00 USD / month.

VAT included. No minimum contract term, request cancellation in writing 30 days before terminating the service.


Your marketing team, from the ground up

Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.


40 pieces of content per month to distribute on up to two social networks, without response to messages in real time.

With this plan we offer the activation of a second social network as a courtesy.

Monthly price: 402.00 USD / month.

Add-ons can be purchased at an additional cost.

VAT included.  Service plan with a minimum permanence period of 3 months, after that you will continue to be charged monthly, request cancellation in writing 30 days before terminating the service.



Add complements to your Social Media Plus+ plan.

Your plan includes 30 pieces of content per month to distribute on a social network, without real-time message response. You can scale your plan with these services:

  • Additional a Social Networks

  • Content pack

  • Digital concierge

  • More add-ons

Additional Social Networks

Your plan already includes a social network where you can distribute the contents included in your plan.

Some of the social networks where we can distribute your content are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Tiktok, YouTube among others.


We can distribute the contents contracted in your plan in several social networks.

ADD 59.00 USD one-time payment, per additional network.

More content for your brand

Your plan already includes 30 monthly contents to distribute among the social networks active in your plan.

Each content can be an image or video publication in feed, story, reels and carousel, see the equivalence chart at the bottom of this page.


Add more content to distribute among the social networks active in your plan.

ADD 59.00 USD per package of 10 contents.

Quality digital customer service

Your plan does not include the response to messages, comments and opinions, you can add this service for a community manager to respond to them.


Response service to messages, comments or opinions of your page or profile on social networks.

ADD FROM 59.00 USD per month.

Price depends on volume and response time required.

A couple more tricks

We are more than a social media agency. We can help you build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Management of procedures before Meta for property claims, verification of pages and profiles, problems in advertising accounts and others.

CONSULTATION 59.00 USD per hour.

From the consultation we define possible routes to follow and investment required.


See all our other services for small and medium size companies from the services menu.


It's always good to know more

How does the 'first social network included' feature work?

Your plan includes the management of one social network by us. If you require your content to appear on more than one social network, you must activate the management of additional social networks in your account.

The one-time fee for each additional social network is 59.00 USD and covers our time to create and/or review the social network we will manage.

What do you mean by content pieces?

Content pieces are digital assets that are used for distribution, in this case, through social networks.

Equivalency table:

One image or text 1 content piece
Carousel of images 2 content pieces
Story (6 sec video) 2 content pieces
Story (15 sec video) 3 content pieces
Story or reel (30-sec) 4 content pieces

Up to a maximum of 30% of the purchased content may be reels or stories with video editing and basic animation. The videos consist of basic cut and transition edits as well as added text. You provide the audio and video source or we use stock footage.

What does the pre-programmed content consist of?

Each month we will elaborate a content grid for your brand using the content you have contracted in your service plan.

80% of the publications will be prepared in advance and only 20% of them can be reserved for last minute content, with a response time of 24 working hours.

How do you charge for my plan?

Your service plan works on a monthly prepaid basis, it is expressed in Mexican pesos and includes VAT. Payment can be made by bank transfer or direct debit to a bank card (except AMEX).

The advertising budget necessary to circulate ads is not included in the monthly fee of your service plan.

How long does it take to see results?

In digital marketing, results may vary depending on factors such as the nature of your business, the value proposition that your product or service offers, the services you have decided to include in your plan, advertising budget, among others, so we suggest you let your campaign run for at least 3 months.

How do I modify or cancel my plan?

You can cancel or modify at any time, you only have to request it in writing 30 calendar days before asking for it.

Social Media Plus+

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